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BELLE-EN-MUSIQUE is an artist and talent management organization located in New York City, named after an old French expression meaning “feeling beautiful and happy in music.” This is the way we feel about singing, our passion.


BELLE-EN-MUSIQUE mediates contracts for its clients with producers, agents, studios and the like, whereas managers are often only able to establish informal connections, without the ability to directly negotiate.


BELLE-EN-MUSIQUE assists artists, particularly at the beginning of or a return to their career, and to aid in their growth as emerging or pre-established professionals. We focus on tailoring career plans to suit the needs of each individual artist, offering guidance and direction through a variety of strategies to increase the artist’s employability. We supervise the day-to-day business affairs of an artist, as well as advise and counsel them regarding professional matters, long-term plans, and personal decisions that may affect their career goals.


At BELLE-EN-MUSIQUE, we constantly strive to achieve the next level of performance, refining a product to ensure the artist’s success in an ever competitive market.



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